Your Humble Webmistress...

Female. "Feeling twenty-two; acting seventeen." (Though is now actually 27 - how terrifying.) Longish brown hair, which is often black. Grey eyes, though you can't tell from the logo. Five-foot-three and proud to be a shortarse. Short-sighted, and wears glasses. Hails from Birmingham (the British one.) Internet junkie. Stalker. Geek.

Currently: a graduate (officially as of January) of the University of Derby with a 2.1 in English Studies with Creative Writing. Working as an Audio Typist in the Legal Services Department of Birmingham City Council. Earning enough to pay rent, but not much else... Moved in with long-term boyfriend in July 2006. Aspiring writer who should learn to kerb the fanfic urges. Musicals addict who could happily spend a day just singing along.

Ambitions, reachable and otherwise, include: to get a job (no, really) hopefully in the field of web-design, or something similarly creative. To get something published. To prove the existence of ghosts. To finish a screenplay. To visit America, for various reasons: to meet an online friend and be a waitress in her coffeeshop, to go to Disney Land and drive through New Mexico in a convertible Cadillac. To learn French, and possibly Greek. To spend a significant time in Paris. To obtain front row seats for the final night any night of the Cats UK tour.

Has various obsessions, though not at the same time. Is a shipper to the point of ridiculousness, and is apparently unable to stop it. Loves meeting famous people, though is rarely coherent. Continually falls in love with fictional characters, famous people, and gay men, despite realising the pointlessness of this endeavour.

Is not photogenic; when randomly photographed in the kitchen at home one summer, looks like this:

And when meeting James Marsters on 21st June 2002, looks very much like a fangirl:

(And the story behind that can be found within the site. Eventually.)

Recently de-closeted Johnny Depp fangirl. Loves dressing up. Part-time goth, though usually cannot be bothered. Too opinionated for her own good. Grammar-vulture. Walking thesaurus. Has become a member of the normal people by getting obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, and cannot place when this happened. Nocturnal. Mildly schizophrenic and probably insane.

Ficgeek. Scapegeek. Buffygeek. (Spikegeek.) Sunsetgeek. Trekgeek. Deppgeek. Burtongeek. Writergeek. Singergeek. Musicalsgeek. Geekgeek.

Your Humble Webmistress.