Where I Am

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You can contact me in any of the following ways:

By email: feedback@teylaminh.com.

By signing the guestbook.

Via messenger:
AIM: teylamina
YIM: teylaminh
MSN: teylaminh@hotmail.com

Though, obviously, if you're illiterate and don't know the usage of the apostrophe, I won't talk to you.

Alternately, you could visit any of my other three sites, The Mekong, The Mekong, mark two, or The Zircona. I warn you, the first two are horrible; I'm only keeping them alive because it's fun to see how bad bad web-designing can be. There's also my livejournal. And that's plenty to be going on with to find out about me.

If you want to know any more than any of those provide, I deem you a stalker.