I just had to go through all my index pages (about 10 of them) and delete some rubbishy javascript coding which had been tagged onto the end of them, which was slowing down loading time and trying to load lots of other pages at the same time. Hopefully this won't happen again, but at least it's gone now.

Nothing else to report. Still alive. Just about.

At least it hasn't been a year this time. As of today, the email address for the website is feedback@teylaminh.com, as my ISP changed a couple of months ago and I finally got around to updating and tidying up in Outlook. So, there we go.

Now that I have proper, functional internet access, I hope to get back on to updating this place. It's just... there are so many fanfictions to upload, and so many pages to build. It'll take frelling ages. But I will hopefully get there, and if I ever decide what I'm going to do in life and one of those decisions turns out to be something web-related, at least I'll have something to show for it. :)

Anyway. Just to prove the website is still alive.

Er, yes. I am the suck when it comes to updating, but it's not entirely my fault. Watch this space; I may do a proper update some point this year. In any case, I just updated my info page to reflect my current circumstances. Hurrah.

(Well, it's after midnight, so it's technically true.) Have made 'poetry' and 'plays' links pages for the 'Fiction' section, and HTMLed some of the content. It doesn't seem to be taking as long as I remember, but I probably won't be saying that when I get around to the Buffy fics...

Later that day...

The 'Fiction' section is actually completed, which I'm still in shock about, and I've re-organised the main links into a more logical order. Currently pondering how to layout the 'Non-Fiction' section, and thinking about the daunting task of finding appropriate screencaps and pictures for the 'Fanfiction' pages... Meh.

The "what" section is now complete, though, so far, only the 'Fiction' link actually links anywhere. That page is semi-done, and I'm just about to work on HTMLing the content for 'prose'. Oy.

Yes, yes, it's been a long time. Now I have literally nothing to do, so I should have some time to play around with this place and get something resembling actual content up. As for this update, well, the "why" section is completed. Now all that's left to do is the "what" page, though I can warn you right now, it's not going to link anywhere...

As usually happens when I have much better things to be doing, the best form of procrastination is to make random pages. Hence, the "Where" section is now up. Wow, that took effort... :)

I've added the "How" section, for all its pointlessness, and decided that when I give Fahrbot a subdomain, I'll probably use that as the Farscape fanfiction archive. Though, knowing me, I'll get the urge to prettify something and give it an archive on the main site anyway...

The bio ("Who") is now up. Or will be momentarily. Daily updates are probably not going to be a regular occurrence.

Here we are. First update; how exciting. So, what's new, then?

Well, the entire site, for starters. It's been more or less alive since mid-January, and now has something that vaguely resembles content. Yes, I do consider the first update 'content'. :P Other than that, I've been mainly messing around with colours, CSS rollovers, and general design.

For a taster of what is to come, visit the last incarnation of my website, The Zircona, and look at the various writings. Reasons are forthcoming in the 'Why' section, but I'm basically using this site as an archive for my writing (including rants and write-ups), whilst leaving the photo pages and other bits at the Zircona.

Until such time as I get around to it, however, you'll just have to make do with an update as to the general nothingness you see here.