My word. Yt haf contente, after all...

Yes, indeed. Content. Of the content-y kind. Though probably not all in one go, since it will involve much prettifying and such. However, this is what there will be eventually... (Each of the links opens in a new window.)

Original Writing

Divided, sensibly enough, into two sections:

Fiction - including:

Prose - a couple of attempts at novels that failed, and several short stories that didn't.
Poetry - a few serious and parodied poems that fulfilled various purposes, both good and bad.
Plays - the beginnings of a movie screenplay, and a completed, if weird, television script.

Non-Fiction - including:

Write-ups - from various theatre trips and conventions, mostly quite rambling and fangirlish, but hopefully informative in their own way
Other ramblings - miscellaneous well-worded rants on a variety of different subjects, most likely better to be ignored...


Divided by fandom, alphabetically: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 9 stories, 2 of them works-in-progress

Farscape - 17 stories (some works-in-progress) and 1 poem, in two categories

Frasier - 2 stories (well, one and a half), coming when I turn my script into prose...

Jonathan Creek - 4 stories, 2 of them works-in-progress

Miscellaneous - just the one so far

Phantom of the Opera - 7 stories, one a work-in-progress

Star Trek: Voyager - 22 pieces, mainly in script format, in two categories

Sunset Boulevard - currently, just 4, until I'm brave enough to add the rest...

And, of course, there's the Time Machine, pretty much as it was on the other site... I can't promise when it'll all be here, but I'll be as quick as my limited talent will allow. If you have any queries, you can always e-mail me.